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    Relax The Mind.

    Body Massage to Reduce Stress and Relax Mind and Body For Positive Energy.

  • Full Body Massage Centre

    Be your best.

    Flip Body Spa in MG Road Gurgaon


    Remove fatigue with this unique massage technique, ideal for improving blood circulation, proper functioning of internal organs and eliminating toxins accumulated in your body.


    All you need to feel like new is 30 or 50 minutes of massage for complete relaxation, in an ambiance with relaxing music and special essential oils, flower petals and candles that harmonize the whole body, along with magical hands and professionalism. therapist trained in India.


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    This massage is performed with special oils and aromatic essences to harmonize and soothe the whole body. A thin stream of warm oil gradually flows to a certain point on the forehead, neck and neck. This stimulation acts on the soul and brings deep relaxation to the central nervous system....
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